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Spill Response Kits

The needs of a small fuel dock are different than those of an oil refinery. That's why we offer a full range of skimmer systems made from either fiberglass or stainless steel that can skim from 10 to 300 gallons per minute.

Our systems are designed for use in rough or calm seas. A thorough job task analysis went into the design concepts of our equipment. We know what it's like to use and maintain this equipment.

  • Our response skimmers are dependable and require only minimal maintenance.
  • Our portable Spill Response Kits answer your stowage concerns by providing a complete set of equipment which is stowed as a unit. No more searching for needed or missing attachments.
  • After the spill, our equipment design makes cleanup and stowage quick and easy.
  • We strive to address the needs of the customer and improve our products by researching area contingency plans and local response plans in addition to soliciting customer feedback.
  • Fill out and transmit our Environmental Applications Questionnaire and let us assemble a Spill Response Kit for you.

Environmental Applications Questionnaire

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