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Flow Controlled Skimmers

This Skimmer head is Flow Controlled. No manual adjustments needed!

  • Skimmer system is custom designed for your unique Tank and Sump requirements.
  • Removes ALL free floating oil from surface. Non Selective - No product cap is left.
  • Turn key systems are available which include Separators, Hoses, Pumps, and Tanks.
  • All skimmers can be installed with "Out-Take" tank services.

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Fill out the Industrial Applications Questionnaire and let us customize a "State of the Art System for You."


These "In-Tank" skimmers are manufactured with high quality stainless for operation in the harshest environments.
Skimmer "cut" is set by the volume pumped from the sump in the skimmer head allowing a controlled skim from 1/8" to over 2" deep. Downtime for adjustments is eliminated.
The skimmer can be adapted to existing valve, pump, electrical or pneumatic command systems. We will design an "In-Tank" system for your skimming operation to remove any amount of surface product.

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Flow Control Skimmers

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