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Coalescing Separators

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Coalescing separators are made with a slant rib design which will continuously remove all non-emulsified oil from your waste water system.

These separators work great in environments with either a constant or intermittent flow. Our Coalescing Separators are available in a wide range flow rates, which vary from 2 to 4,000 US gallons per minute. These separators work best when your wastewater has a minimal amount of floating solids. The preferred operating threshold of a Coalescing Separator is when most of the solid waste settles and the remainder doesn't exceed 20 microns.

The Slant Rib Coalescing-Media (SRC-M) separator is constructed with a molded polyester fiberglass or stainless steel housing with baffles and weirs to direct flow, skim oil and control liquid levels. The media is oileophilic (oil attracting). As the wastewater flows through the separator, the oil particles accumulate and float to the surface where they are decanted by an adjustable skimmer. The system performs in temperatures ranging from 32 to 130 deg F.

We carry 6 models in 15 standard sizes of SRC-M oil/water separators. Each separator is equipped with a sludge chamber and an oil reservoir. The following options are available:


  • Gravity Flow
  • Leak Proof
  • Lightweight
  • Removable Cover
  • Adjustable Oil Weir

Gravity Separators


  • Vertical or Horizontal Models available.
  • Flow rates from 5 - 150 GPM
  • Empty weight from 55 - 1300 pounds.
  • Mounting hardware included!

Gravity Separators will continuously separate free and dispersed oil (API Class 1 & 2). These separators perform well as long as the oil is not mechanically or chemically emulsified.

Quiet talk about Gravity Separators...

Gravity separators work on the principle of Stokes Law which predicts the rate of rise of an oil droplet. The larger the oil droplet, the faster the rate of rise or rate of separation. Tank size is determined by the maximum flow desired and type of effluent. A continuous flow requires as little as 20 minutes of tank dwell time.

Gravity separators are manufactured from premium grade centrifugally cast fiberglass resin for high chemical resistance and long service life. Internal baffles are added during the manufacturing process to enhance separation, which make the gravity separators great for mobile applications.

Need more technical information or specifications? Contact us by email or fill-in and transmit our questionnaire so we can talk about solving your wastewater problems. We like to listen to our customers and view each situation with unique focus. It's simple; We are committed to offering quality solutions that work. We also strive to offer the least expensive and most dependable system which will result in a significant improvement to the way you do business.

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