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Fixed Weir Skimmers

  • 100% Oil Recovery. Removes only the oil!
  • No Need for an oily water separator.
  • Unattended operation!

Our customized controller can automatically:

  • Activate the pump to remove oil from the skimmer sump.
  • Shut the system down when oil recovery tank is full.
  • Trigger an alarm, send a fax or phone an attendant.

Industrial Applications Questionnaire

For immediate service needs call
Don Hoover at (800) 811-6363 or
(831) 883-8835


Only oil is removed
from your tank.

This reduces your hauling or treatment expenses and may even provide a cash return!
The Skimmer floats on the most dense liquid (usually water) and allows the lighter substance (usually oil) to travel over its fixed gate or "weir".
The fixed weir is adjusted to the specific gravity of your surface product. Remember, a cap of product is left on the surface of the water.
The Stainless (304) durable construction will provide years of constant dependable service.

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